Delete Player Registration from People> Player Details

How to delete a player registration from People window. This may be required when a player has a duplicate registration and parent has requested a refund.

  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Select GamePlan in Control Panel.
  3. Select Common Task> Organization Administration > People from the main menu.
  4. Enter Name in Search for Last Name; Select Who is type and Look in which league, click Search
  5. Select desired Name in List displayed, in this example> players
  6. Select Desired Player
  7. Select the Player registration to be deleted.
  8. Click the Trash can icon to start the return wizard.
  9. Select the items and registraions you wish to return, click Next
  10. Review the transaction to return or delete, click Finish
  11. Refresh your browser if page does not auto-refresh.
  12. Player is now removed from orignal search list.
  13. Player has also been removed from draft or assigned players under Leagues & Teams as well as team rosters and all player reports.
  14. Player registration has also been "returned and/or refunded" in orders and payments.