Add a New Page

1. Select the Add New Page button in the Pages menu section of the Control Panel at the top of the screen.
2. At Page Details, enter the following settings:  
  1. In the Page Name text box, enter the name “Promotions”. If you choose to display this new page in the menu, this will be the name which appears in the menu.
  2. In the Page Title text box, enter “Promotions”. This is the page name that will be displayed on the tab in a visitor’s browser when they visit this page.
  3. In the Description text box, enter “This is an Awesome Promotions Page” or other short, descriptive sentence summarizing the page content.
  4. You can enter relevant keywords for search engines in the Keywords text box.
  5.  At Parent Page, select < None Specified > to set this as a parent page in the menu. If you wanted to make this page a child of another page, you would select a [Page Name] to set this relationship.
  1. For Permissions tab, set the view and editing permissions for this page for one or more roles. To make the page publicly accessible, check the View column for All Users.  You can choose to provide various user classes with differing rights from viewing the page to adding content, copying or deleting the page, or managing the page settings.
3. Click the Add Page button at the bottom left of your screen.
4. Now you see that we have added a new page called “Your Name” and that the page has some default content. By default DNN adds one instance of the HTML Pro module to the page. The HTML module is the most commonly used module and lets you add HTML content onto the page.