Online Store Merchandise Sales

Now you are ready to start selling merchandise through you web site. There are several considerations that you should now address.First you need to decide how you want your items arranged. There are many ways that you can arrange items within your site.First we need to review terminology.
  • Merchandise is defined as any product or service that you plan to sell through you site.
  • Category is defined as a group of like products or services that you want to group together.
  • Item is defined as the product or service that you are selling.
Below is an overview of how you might organize you merchandise.
Here we have three different categories of items that we sell.
  • Used Equipment
  • Baseballs
  • New Equipment
This allows customers to select a general category.  Under each of these general categories we have various numbers of other categories which further refines the items.  Then under each of these categories we have the actual items that we are selling.  This allows the customer to quickly navigate to the area of interest and find the item that they want to purchase.
The way you organize your merchandise is up to you, but give some thought as to what will be the easiest for your customers to find and purchase the items.
Once you have determined how you want your site organized you are ready to start setting up your categories and items.
  1. Login as an Administrator.
  2. Select GamePlan in Control Panel.
  3. Select E-Commerce> Registration and Merchandise
  1. Select Merchandise
  2. Enter a Description for your area.  An example of what you might what to include here is:
“Welcome to The Collection! After years of requests, we have made available only the quality merchandise that reflects not just performance improvements, but superior products as well.“

The collection is divided into three categories:
Coach’s Certification
  1. Select New> New Category.Repeat this for the number of Categories that you will need.
  1. Select the New Category you have just created.  Enter the name of the Category and a description of the category.
  1. To Subdivide the categories: Select one of the categories> select New> Select New Item or Category. 
  2. You are now ready to setup the items on your site.  A wizard will walk you through the item set and will ask you the following questions:
    1. Name: Enter the name of the item.
    2. Price: This is the price that will be charged for the item.
    3. Item is Visible: When this item is checked P this item will be available to the public for purchase.  You should not check this until you have completed the item setup.
  1. Select Create a New Item.
  1. Select Merchandise or Shipped Item.
  1. Enter the name of the item, price you are charging, and a description of the item.  In the description you may want to define the sizes that you have available and any other information that will assist the customer.
  1. You can now select other options that are required for this item.  You can attach a custom message or agreement, require a quantity be specified, additional options, or link another item with this item.  An example might be a chin guard that would be purchased with this item.  Here we will select Require that a quantity be specified.
  1. Select I’m done adding options.
  1. Inventory: The site will maintain and track inventory.  If you have stock on an item, you can enter the current available inventory and GamePlan will only allow the available inventory to be sold.  If your inventory is unlimited then enter a -1 and GamePlan will not limit the number of items that can be sold.  Then click on Next.
  1.  Shipping: GamePlan now needs to know if you will ship this item.  If this item is shipped to your customer then check the box next to This item is shipped. You can now enter the shipping weight in pounds.  GamePlan will use this weight to integrate with your selected shipping methods (FexEx, UPS) to determine the shipping charges to be added to the order. You also need to enter any additional handling fees that you want added to the order.
  1. The item is now setup and ready for you customers to purchase.  To make this item available to the customers check the box next to Item is Visible.  Once you check this box and save it, the item will appear on your web site and customers may begin placing orders for this item.