Add a New Extreme Player

Registration Instructions
  1. Login as an Administrator.
  2. Select GamePlan in Control Panel.
  3. Select E-Commerce> View Orders and Payments.
Admin Page
  1. Select New
  1. Select New Customer.
  1. This will start a wizard that will walk you through the registration process.  First select existing customer or if a new customer enter their last name and assign them a password and click Next.
  1. Select the type of purchase and click Next.  Here we have selected Player Registration.
  1. Select the program that the customer is registering and click Next.
  1. Scroll trough the messages and agreements and Click Next.
  2. Complete the user information as shown below and click Next.
  1. Select the number of player that are to be registered as shown below and click Next. Note: Players previously registered will be displayed and may be selected for this registration.
  1. Complete the player information as shown below and click Next. Note: May need to grab the box with your mouse to expand the modal box to view all questions.
  1. If there are other requirements such as Work Duties, you will be asked to complete this information. 
  2. Complete these forms and click Next until you get to the Shopping Cart.
  3. Review the registrations and total purchases and click Begin Checkout.
  • Click Submit order for Processing
  1. Select the Payment Method.
    1. Pay by Credit Card for immediate payment; or
    2. Pay Later (Administrator Only) which will allow you to complete the registration and process a check or other method of payment.
  2. Click Submit order for Processing
  3. Click Finish
  4. The order has now been processed. Confirmation "receipt" is emailed to the customer and the the League Administrator.
  5. Order is now DIsplayed in Orders and Payments (In Chrome you may have to refresh the browser.
Payment Instructions
  1. Select Transactions
  4. Note: -2- Payment Options are now available
  1. Select Apply Miscellaneous Transactions> select Form of Payment
  5. Enter Payment Information and Click Next.
  8. Select Complete Transaction
  11. Payment is now posted and account balance is updated
  14. Payment Information my be viewed by clicking on the magnifying glass 
  15. To complete the order and mark as Paid> select Transactions> Select Purchase Items in this Order> check all items to aplly payments to and mark as Paid> Click Next
    Note: Original order total is displayed by default.
    Select Form of Payment
    Enter Payment Information
    Click Next
    To credit the Convenience Fee, select Apply an Adjustment
    Enter amount of Taxes as the amount of Adjustment, Click Next.
    Select Complete this purchase without balancing account
    In Chrome to refresh page to see order details, double click the order Customer Order
    The order is now Paid and balance is $0.00

    Return this Order

    1. Ecommerce> Orders and Payments
    2. Enter Customer Last Name or Order Number in Search For 
    3. Select desired order to return and refund
    4. Double click Order Number to view Order
    5. Select Transactions> Return Items in this Order Select OK
    6. Select the items and registration you wish to return 
    7. Total Refund Amount is displayed. 
    8. Select Method of Refund. In this case, payment was made by check. We'll issue this refund by Cash and click Next. 
    9. Verify Amount of Refund. Enter any notes regarding the refund and click Next
    The Refund Summary is displayed. If refund is correct, click Finish
    The Original Order is displayed which now indicates the Player Registration and Taxes (3.5% Convenience Fee) have been returned. 
    1. During this process, the player registration is removed from all Player, Parent, Program, Team and League Reports including team rosters. 
    2. Player may be "reinstated" by reversing the Return and Refund. Simply select Transactions>Puchase Items in this Order and repeat Payment Process.