Add a New Event

There will be times that you will want to block time that your field(s) will be unavailable.  When a field(s) is unavailable because of an Event or Game then the scheduler will ignore these times as well as the Rainout Re-scheduler.  Here we well go through the procedure to create an event
  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Select GamePlan in Control Panel.
  3. Select Organization> Locations and Events
  4. Select New> New Event(s) 
  5. Select   Create one or more events or tournaments   and then Click Next
  6. Select   New Signup Program   which will start the Wizard shown below
As shown below we are creating an event where the Church will be using Field1 from May 15, 2006 at 8:00 AM to May 30, 2006 at 10:00 PM.  Here if more than one field is being used for this same period you may select the additional Fields(s). You may also assign this event to a schedule, but is not necessary.
  1. Enter Event Details and click Next.
  1. Review the final Event information and if correct click Finish or Add another Event if there are additional events to enter. Repeat the process in step 6 above.
  1. When you have completed your new events will appear on the schedule as shown below.