Email a Division

Best Practice: Send important emails and reminders 2-3 days in advance to ensure recipients have an opportunity to view the email.
To send a new email message to a Division:
  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Select GamePlan in Control Panel.
  3. Select Organization> Leagues and Teams
  4. Select the appropriate Division

  5. Select More from Menu located at bottom left corner of screen

  6. Select E-Mail

  7. Select E-Mail all Players in this Division from the Menu. This selection will send an email to all of the parents or guardians of players on the selected Division. Note: Selecting all Teams only sends an email to the coaches or managers.

  8. To send this email to more people, click Add a Recipient

  9. Select the appropriate person, parent or team, click Next. Additional recipient will be listed below Division Name.

  10. Select Customer service related messages or other important communications
  11. Enter Email Subject
  12. Compose Message

  13. When finished composing your message, copy the message for future reference or to send to another team.
  14. Click Send Message

  15. A notification will popup when email has been successfully sent