Add a New User

Administrators can manage the account details of all registered users from the User Accounts page. The following tasks can be performed under User Accounts:
  • Add a new user account
  • Edit an existing user account
  • Authorize or de-authorize user accounts
  • Manage security role access to user accounts
  • Delete a user account
  • Delete all unauthorized user accounts
  1. Navigate to Admin > User Accounts - OR - Go to a User Accounts module.
  1. Click the Add New User button. This opens the Add New User interface.
  2. In the User Name text box, enter a user name. Notes: Only letters and numbers can be entered. Usernames are unique and cannot be changed.
  3. In the First Name text box, enter the person's first name.
  4. In the Last Name text box, enter the person's last name.
  5. In the Display Name text box, enter the name to be displayed to other site members. Note: This field may not be displayed. See "Configuring User Account Settings"
  6. In the Email Address text box, enter a valid email address.
  7. At Authorize, select from the following options:
  8. Mark  the check box if the user is authorized to access the site. This will automatically provide access to the Registered User role and any roles set for Auto Assignment. This is the default setting.
  9. Unmark  the check box if the new user is not yet authorized to access the site. The Administrator is required to authorize this account at a later date.
  10. At Notify, select from the following options:
  11. Mark the check box to send a notification email to the user's email address. This is the default setting.
  12. Unmark  the check box to disable notification. Note: The notification can be sent at a later time.
  13. To create the user's password, select from these options:
  14. To generate a random password, mark  the check box at Random Password.
  15. To create a password manually:
  16. Unmark  the check box at Random Password.
  17. In the Password text box, enter a password.
  18. In the Confirm Password text box, re-enter the same password. Note: The site may be set to required unique passwords or they may need to fulfill certain criteria such as minimum character length. If the password doesn't meet the site's criteria, a new password will be requested.
  1. Click the Add New User button. 
  2. If you created a password for this user, the user can now access the account using their username and password without the need to access system generated email that’s sent to new users.