Sending a Personalized Newsletter without Tokens

How to send a personalized newsletter without enabling token replacement. This option adds a greeting before the message. The greeting for registered users includes their first and last name. E.g. Dear Julie Black. The greeting for other recipients (those entered in the Additional Emails field), are addressed to their email address. E.g. Dear

  1. Navigate to Admin > Advanced Settings >  Newsletters - OR - Go to a Newsletters module.
  2. Select the Message tab and complete the required fields. See "Sending a Basic Newsletter"
  3. Select the Advanced Settings tab and then set these required settings:
    1. At Replace Tokens?, unmark  the check box.
    2. At Send Method, select To: One Message Per Email Address ( Personalized ).
  4. To set any of the optional Advanced Settings, See "Sending a Basic Newsletter"

  1. Click the Send Email button.