Sending a Newsletter with Tokens (User Names)

How to send a newsletter using replacement tokens. Using tokens allows information such as the recipient's name to be included in the salutation, or information such as the site name or description can be displayed in the body of the message. Using replacement tokens instead of static content, ensures details which may change, such as the site administrators email address, are always current. See List of Replacement Tokens for a list of tokens that can be used.
  1. Navigate to Admin > Advanced Settings >  Newsletters - OR - Go to a Newsletters module.
  2. Select the Message tab and complete the required settings. See Sending a Basic Newsletter
    1. At Editor, select Basic Text Box to send a plain text email - OR - Select Rich Text Editor to send an HTML email with formatting and images.
    2. Enter the body of the newsletter into the Editor including replacement tokens. E.g. [User:FirstName] [User:LastName]. See List of Replacement Tokens
  1. Select the Advanced Settings tab and then set these required settings:
    1. At Replace Tokens? mark the check box.
    2. At Send Method, select To: One Message Per Email Address ( Personalized ).
  1. Set any of the optional Advanced Settings, See Sending a Basic Newsletter
  2. Click the Send Email button.

The Received Message. Note the recipients first and last name are included