About Newsletters and Email

There are two methods to send email messages to your customers and participants.
Option 1) Admin> Newsletters
Option 2) GamePlan> Leagues and Teams
Best Practice: Send important emails and reminders 2-3 days in advance to ensure recipients have an opportunity to view the email.
About Newsletters
Newsletters (located on the Admin >  Newsletters) allows individual or bulk email messages (newsletters) to be sent to the members of one or more security roles and/or to one or more email addresses. A contact list may be imported into as the list of recipients. Messages are sent to each recipient separately to prevent recipients from seeing each other's details. Newsletters identify when a newsletter is set to send to an email address more than once and ensures only one copy of the newsletter is sent to that address. The message can be either plain text or HTML format. Files can be attached and replacement tokens can be included. A Successful or Not Successful message is displayed once the message is sent. For messages sent synchronously, the message displays once all emails have been sent. For messages sent asynchronously, the message displays when the send action has successfully commenced. An email confirmation message is also emailed to the sender, See The Bulk Email Report.
The Newsletter module can be deployed to sites and added to pages.
All users who are authorized to view Newsletters can send emails. Authenticated users must to have permissions granted to one or more folders of the site's Digital Asset Management (Admin > File Management) to upload and/or select files. Unauthenticated users cannot attach files to messages. See Modifying Folder Permissions
Prerequisites. Newsletters require the following settings to be completed to function correctly:
  1. The user must have a valid email address on their user account. This will be the default email address for newsletters, however, users can specify a different from address when required.
  2. Bulk email list may be downloaded from  Players>Parents>Parent Email List report from Gameplan Reports.To import a bulk list of email addresses, email servers require each individual address be separated by a semi-colon; to ensure delivery. Tip: This may be easily accomplished by exporting the list to Excel then copy.paste into the recipient box in an email program like Outlook or Gmail. The server will automatically format the list. Next copy/paste into the Additional Email box in the Newsletter.
  3. Ensure the Host SMTP details are correct. See Setting the SMTP Server and Port