Add a Game or Practice for a Team(s)

There are several ways to add additional games / practices for a team.
Using Leagues and Teams
  1. Login as an Administrator.
  2. Select GamePlan in Control Panel.
  3. Select Organization> Leagues and Teams
  4. Select the League that you are going to assign schedules. Example, select Summer 2005 Youth 
  5. Select the Division, example B13
  6. Select the Team
  7. Select Team Schedule
  8. Select Add to this Schedule 
  1. Click on Manually enter a schedule for this team as shown below, then click Next.
  1. Enter the event date, time and location as shown below.

11. When completed click on Add this game, you may continue adding games
  1. Click Complete Schedule as shown below when finished adding games.
Or Using Locations and Events
  1. Select Organization> Leagues and Teams
  2. Select Location and Events
  3. Select More> Data Entry> Enter Games  and the form shown below will be displayed.
  1. Complete the games or practices for each entry. 
  2. When the form is filled click on the Clear Form to continue.
  3.  Continue as needed.