Copy an Existing League or Program

  1. Login as an Administrator.
  2. Select Gameplan in Control Panel.
  3. Select Common Task> Start a New League or go to Organization Administration> Leagues and Teams> New> NewLeague (menu at bottom left corner of browser).  A league is like a folder where all of the registrations will be filed.  Within a league you can have Divisions if you need to further separate these registrations by age, sex, or some other feature. 
  1. This will start a wizard that will ask you a series of questions and allow you to select options for this new league. Here we will select “Make a copy of an existing league” and then click on Next.
  1. Select the existing league that you want to make a copy of from the drop down menu: as shown below. In this case we are selecting the “Winter Academy, December 26-31” where we want to create another league like this league.
  1. Next enter Name of League.  Here we have named this league” Week Long Comprehensive, February 21-25 (Commuter Only)”
  2. Set the Starting and Ending Dates for this program. These date are also used by the Scheduler function when creating a new schedule for this league.
  3. Select Scheduling Method from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Next
  1. Setup the Registration Options.  Here you determine if teams and / or players can register. 
    1. Here we will only allow players to register for this league.  We will leave the Teams to be setup by the administrator as shown below. 
    2. We will then enter the price that will be charged to each player that registers for this league as shown below. 
    3. Also, the default is check to collect information about the parents.  If you do not need to collect this information you may unmark this, however it is recommended that you collect this information for all children.  Once you have completed,
    4. click Next.
  1. Click Next.
  1. Since we are not going to register teams we will leave all of the default information and just click Next to complete the Team section.
  2. Then click on “I’m done adding options”.
  3. Next we begin collecting player information as shown below.  Here we do not need to as the player if they are interested in umpiring so we have unchecked this box.  Click Next.
  1. Enter the Description of the league or event as shown below and click Next.
  1. Click on “I’m done adding options
  2. You will now be shown an overview of your selections. If these are correct, click on Finish.
  1. Your new league or event is now setup and ready to review and turn on for players to register.
  2. To review the either Team or Player Registration, return to the Main Menu and select E-Commerce> Registrations and Merchandise.