Start a New League or Program

  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Select Gameplan in Control Panel.
  3. Select Common Task> Start a New League.  A league is like a folder where all of the registrations will be filed.  Within a league, you will have Divisions and Teams. Divisions may be separated by age, sex, or some other feature.
  4. Next select Create a New League or Copy an Existing League. Note: Copy an Existing League will copy all player questions, messages, and agreements (waivers, etc.) and also "carry over" the previous teams (coach information only, player rosters are not copied)

  5. Next enter the Name of the League and Season
  6. Enter the Start and End Date for the League Season. The dates are integrated with the Gameplan scheduling program.

  7. Next, create Divisions for the League
    • Enter the Name of the Division
    • Game Duration
    • Gender
    • The range of Dates of Birthday for the Division. Note: Draft players are filtered by age into divisions.
    • Maximum Number of teams for this division
    • Locations of games (if Gameplan Scheduler is used), may be added after League has been created.
  8. Upon completion of division parameters, select Add this Division (if more divisions are to be added) or I'm done adding divisions
  9. Next Select Registrations for the League
  10. Enter the fees required to play as a team (paid by coach) and/or individual player

  11. Next, Team Registration is created, click Next
  12. Enter the Name of the Team Registration and click Next
  13. Select Options desired to be available to the coaches by marking the radio button and clicking Add Selected Option until all desired options have been added, then click I'm finished adding options

  14. Next Player Registration wizard begins
  15. Select requirements for Player Registration and click Next

  16. Enter Name of Player Registration and click Next

  17. Select Player Registration Options to be included in registration flow<

  18. Confirm Registration Options and click Finish
  19. Return to Main Menu
  20. Go to Organization and Administrations> Leagues and Teams to verify division names and parameters.
  21. Go to E-Commerce> Registrations and Merchandise to verify and enable registrations.