GamePlan Security Roles and Descriptions

Role Name
Administrators of this Website
Execute Adjustments
Administrator may apply discounts and miscellaneous adjustments
Execute Chargebacks
Administrator may enter chargeback transactions
Execute Purchase
Administrator may execute purchase transactions
Execute Refund
Administrator may execute refund transactions
Execute Signup Refunds
Administrator may execute refunds for sessions with a fee
Execute Team Refund
Administrator may issue refunds for team registrations
Executive Administrator
Executive Administrators have far reaching system access, and membership in this group should be granted only to a few select personal. Users with this access may view, modify, or delete leagues, teams, web content, system configuration, and are able to grant or revoke access to other administrators. Executive administrators do NOT have access to any e-commerce functionality. USE CARE WHEN ASSIGNING USERS TO THIS GROUP.
Executive Manager
Executive Managers are typically interested in a high-level overview of the park, and have access to all reporting functionality. Executive Managers may also view -- but not change -- locations and schedules.
Financial Administrator
Financial Administrators are able to view and execute e-commerce transactions, process cash and check receipts, and EXECUTE CREDIT CARD REFUNDS and PURCHASES. This is the only group that is able to execute transactions, and thus CARE SHOULD BE USED WHEN ASSIGNING USERS TO THIS GROUP.
Financial Manager
Financial Managers have access to e-commerce reporting facilities, and are able to get high-level transaction and cash flow data. They may NOT modify e-commerce configuration settings, execute transactions, or view specific transaction data.
League Administrator
League Administrators may view, modify, and delete league related items, including leagues, divisions, teams, and people within the facility. League Administrators are the only account able to generate season schedules.
League Manager
League Managers are able to access league reporting functionality, including league reports, division reports, and team reports.
Rescheduling Administrator
Rescheduling Administrators have access to a very limited subset of location functionality allowing them to mark games for pending reschedule. Other than rescheduling, they may not add, delete, or modify location settings, but are able to view location schedules.
Signup Program Administrator
Program Administrators typically handle signup programs, and are able to add, modify, and delete these items. Further, they may view and modify people within the facility and view reports.
Tournament Administrator
Tournament Administrators may view, modify, and delete tournament related items, including the divisions and teams associated with the tournaments. Tournament Administrators may generate schedules for their tournaments, but may not access player information.
Tournament Manager
Tournament Managers are able to access tournament reporting functionality, including tournament reports, division reports, and team reports.
Website Administrator
Website Administrators have access to the website content functionality, including the ability to add, delete, and modify news articles, contact lists, calendars, and polls.