Create Administrator Accounts

Authorize and Manage Security Roles for Administrators

As an Administrator for your DNN Portal (Website) you are responsible to manage users and the roles they have within the site. Administrators can add a user to a role to give the user the permissions given to the role. With Active Directory Authentication, the first time a new user enters your DNN site, DNN will assign them Security Roles of “Registered Users” and “Subscribers”.
You will need to assign one or several pre-defined Security Roles on your site. They will also be assigned with these Security Roles also (eg:  League Administrator) if the existing Security Role is included in a Administrator Security Role.
Until you authorize the user, they will only have view access to your DNN Site, and the first time they log in, they will not have any of the editing tools available.
Note: Each administrator must have a unique User Account as an administrator. This must be a separate account from their personal or team account.
  1. Navigate to Admin > User Accounts - OR - Go to a User Accounts module.
  1. Find the required user by using a filter or by performing a search.
  1. Click the Edit icon or Click the Manage Roles  button beside the required user account.
  2. At Security Role, select the role this user will be added to.
  3. Optional. At Effective Date, click the Calendar  button and select the first date the user can access this role or leave blank to grant immediate access. See "Working with the Calendar"
  4. Optional. At Expiry Date, click the Calendar  button and select the last date the user can access this role or leave blank if access doesn't expire.
  1. Optional. If the role is a social group, then mark  the check box at Is Owner? if the user is an owner of the role - OR - unmark  the check box to disable.
  2. At Send Email? mark  the check box to send a notification email to the user informing them of their new role access. This is the default setting. - OR - unmark  the check box to add the user to the role without notifying them.
  3. Click the Add Role to User button. The updated role details are now displayed in the list below. Note: The user must refresh their screen and the edit ribbon should now show on the top of the page will display new roles.