Understanding Alerts

  1. Understanding Notifications and Alerts: Sending important information updates to your team is super easy with MyGamePlanIQ's alerts feature. Rather than choosing what kind of alert needs to be sent out and trying to figure out who gets what kind of alert, you can simply send out one message to your entire team. Depending on user preferences, each member will receive the message in the format they choose: a push notification, an SMS/text message, an email, or a combination.

    Note: Users cannot receive both push notifications and SMS/Text alerts. MyGamePlanIQ highly recommends enabling push notifications, since receiving text alerts in lieu of push notification alerts may require disabling all push notifications on your mobile device.
    When an alert is sent, MyGamePlanIQ delivers the message via either push notification, SMS, or email to each enabled user as follows:
  2. Why does my team message look like it’s coming from someone else? Like many web applications, MyGamePlanIQ sends many emails from a special do not reply address, donotreply@email.MyGamePlanIQ.com

    If you’ve received a MyGamePlanIQ email sent by someone else in the past, your email program may have associated or labeled, the address donotreply@email.MyGamePlanIQ.com with that person's name. If so, you might see their name next to donotreply@email.MyGamePlanIQ.com on the From line when you view an email. This name is stored and displayed by your email program, so we can’t prevent it from displaying the other name. However, because it is only stored in your personal email program, anyone else on your team viewing the email won’t see the substituted name.
  3. Mobile Push Notifications
    Push notifications are sent for the following:
  • Event or Game creation by the team coach or league
  • Event or Game update by the team coach or league
  • Availability Reminders sent out by team administrator
  • Rainouts