Apply Pre-Payment to a Payment Plan Order

How to Apply an early Pre-Payment to a Payment Plan Order
In this example, we are using a hockey payment plan. The payment plan is configured with the initial payment for $175.00 with -10- automatic monthly payments of $120.00 each. The payment plan total is $1375.00.

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  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Select Gameplan in Control Panel.
  3. Select E-Commerce> View Orders and Payments.
  4. Enter Customer Name in the Search For: data field that you have received payment from.
  5. Select the Customer
  6. Select the Order that this payment applies to.
  7. IMPORTANT: Before applying any pre-payments to a payment plan, Disable Reference Payments to turn off automatic credit card payments for the account. The account will still be invoiced for the future payment as configured. See also Disable Reference Payments
  8. Select More from the menu.
  9. Select Disable Reference Payments.
  10. Verify Payments are turned off by clicking the View icon next to the original credit card payment transaction details. The box should be marked  Ignore for Reference Transactions 
  11. If marked, all future credit card payments have been disabled for the original credit card on file or most recent credit card on file.
  12. Select Transactions from the menu.
  13. Select Apply a Miscellaneous Transaction from the menu.
  14. Select Transaction Type and click Next See also Charge a credit card - miscellaneous transaction
  15. Complete Payment Details and click Next.
  16. Review the Transaction Details (Ignore Refund Summary heading)
  17. Select Complete Transaction
  18. A Pre-Payment has been applied to the Order.
  19. The order shows a Balance Owed to the customer. Since this is a pre-payment, a credit balance is shown for the Payment Plan. When future invoices are created when the system runs payments as specified, the credit balance will be reduced by each payment invoice until the balance is $0.00 or other adjustments are made.
  20. Account Balance shown below indicates -3- $100.00 Payments have been invoiced as configured thereby reducing the credit balance by $300.00