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  1. How do I see my Roster? Your roster may be viewed on your Team Page. The roster contains only the primary contact email address of each player and coach.
  2. How do I add an avatar for my player? See Manager my Profile Photo
  3. Is my avatar same as my user avatar? Yes. See Manage my Profile Photo
  4. How do I print my Roster? Simply click the print button to open the print command for your device or computer.
  5. Coaches may add Provisional Player Enter your players’ names and preferred emails in the appropriate boxes. When you’re ready, scroll down to the bottom and make sure that the box next to Send invitations to join team is checked. If you’ve got all your roster members entered, click the blue button labeled Save and Continue in the bottom right-hand corner. Your team invitation will be sent to the email addresses you entered. Pro Tip: If you don’t want to enter player info manually, you can skip this step and then import your roster from a file at a later time.
  6. Import Provisional Player Don't feel like entering each roster member's information one by one manually? That's strange because it sounds like a good time. Download the CSV roster template, copy and paste another roster, then upload the CSV file. Simple as that!
  7. Confirm Player A player may have selected your team during registration. If the player is an expected member of your team, simply click Confirm and the player added as a member of your roster. If the player is rejected, the player is placed in the 'draft" player pool and will be assigned to a team by a league administrator.
  8. Remove Player Simply click the button to permanently remove a player from the roster.
  9. Rearrange the Roster Simply drag and drop the player in the desired order.