Add a New Excel Schedule to Display or Download

In this sample, we are uploading and displaying game schedules created manually as an Excel spreadsheet. This is one of the easiest functions for an administrator.
To Upload new the Game Schedules to display.
Step 1: Save the original document as a pdf.Nearly every device and computer has pdf reader software. 
  1. In Excel, open the desired game schedule.
  2. Click File or Save As

  3. Enter File Name
  4. Save as Type:  select PDF
Step 2: Open your website.
  1. Log in as administrator
  2. Add a New Page Schedules
  3. Click Edit Page (top right blue button)
  4. Click Modules> Add a New Module
  5. Select iFrame module> add to Content Pane

  6. Click Edit "Pencil" to open iFrame module to Edit iFrame Options

  7. Select Source> File
  8. Select Documents (this will be the file the new document will be uploaded to)
  9. Click Upload New File

  10. Select Browse to search your computer for a new file or Select an Existing File

  11. Select the desired file
  12. Click Upload
  13. Enter Width: 100% (to fill the entire width 100% of the module)
  14. Enter Height: 600px ( minimum of 600 pixels)
  15. Mark Auto Height

  16. Click Save to save the new document to be displayed (bottom left of the popup window display)
  17. The document is now displayed and may be downloaded and printed