Welcome to your new website!

Congratulations and welcome to your new website!
One of the great things about Gameplan is that be able to manage and maintain your website on your own. To get you started here are links to our User Manuals for the most common operations for your new website.
Accessing your site
Please create an administrator account on your new website. Simply click Register at the top right-hand corner of the browser window to create a new user account. Once you have created a user account, we'll add the appropriate administrator security roles to your account. Please note that a separate administrator account is required if you also plan to register as a coach or as a parent.
Once we have your new Administrator account set up, you will see an Administrator Welcome Kit button on the Home page. This button opens a page filled with terrific resources and quick explanations to get you started operating your website and Gameplan Online Registration and Sports Management functions.
References for DNN Website Management
The actual DNN Manual is now over 1200 pages. I've condensed it down to just over 60. The links in are live and will take you to the DNN Help Documentation site.
The following Quick Start Guide is excerpted from the DNN Online Help Manual is available at http://www.dnnsoftware.com/help.
For a more in-depth information please download the latest DNN User Guide
We also encourage you to watch the Getting Started video for an overview of DNN. This video can be found by using this link: DNN Software 7.0 Getting Started Video
References for Gameplan Sports Management
Please take a look at the following QuickStart guide for operating our sports management software:
Here's the link for our Knowledge Base of "how to" articles.
Online Training
Additionally, once we have registration set up and most of the site content ready to go, I'll set up an appointment for online training and operation of the site.