Payment Plan Information

This article will explain how to create a payment plan, flexibility and configuration of payment plans, selecting a payment plan,  applying a discount code to a payment plan, payment plan reminders, charging a customer account, changing balance due, changing payment date, changing credit cards on file, failed payment process (declined transactions).
What form of payment may be used for payment plans?
Only Credit and/or Debit Cards may be used for Payment Plans. PayPal or ACH payments may not be used.

How do I request a payment plan for my registration?
Please fill out a request for payment plan registration.and indicate the desired payment amounts and dates for your customers.

How flexible are the payment plans for Gameplan?
On any fee charged in the registration system Gameplan can set up a payment plan where any amount is taken out at the time of registration and Gameplan can set any number of payments an organization needs on any future date. The future amounts due need to be in equal amounts.
    ex. Total Registration Fee is $500. Amount due at registration is $100 with -2- $200 payments on any future dates.

How does a customer select to pay using a payment plan?
Individual Payment Plan Registrations are available for selection at initial player registration. Payments are automatically charged to the credit card on file.

For example:
  • 01 Varsity Registration Single (full) Payment
  • 02 Varsity Payment Plan 15th (billed middle of month)
  • 03 Varsity Payment Plan 31st (billed end of month)
Are you able to charge different amounts for a payment plan in addition to a single "pay in full" option?
Yes. Different amounts may be charged for a "pay in full" and a payment plan option.

What do we do with stubborn customer's who refuse to pay online?
If the customers are afraid of using their "credit card" suggest using a pre-paid Mastercard or Visa card. Pre-paid cards would give the customer "peace-of-mind" and eliminate the burden of processing payments for administrators. We suggest incorporating a "service fee" for "payment processing" to discourage pay by mail (cash or check). Refusal to pay online defeats the purpose. If necessary, the easiest thing to do is enable the "pay by check" function temporarily and invite the stubborn customers to register online at a specific time. This allows the customer to register online and pay later by cash or check. After they register, simply disable the function.
Note: Our online payment processor is safe and secure. All information is encrypted for ecurity.

Is a customer able to pay-off the balance due?
Yes. An administrator may take payment for the remaining balance due and apply either a credit card or check/cash payment to the customer account. Reference payments must be disabled for the customer credit card on file.
Note: Payment may result in a credit balance for the account. The credit will be offset by the future automatic payment plan billings.

May discounts be applied to payment plans?
Discount codes may be applied to an individual registration or payment item. Discount codes are set in Gameplan> E-Commerce> Sales, Coupons, and Taxes.

Are customers emailed before and when they are charged for a payment on a payment plan?
Not at this time. However, payment plan registrants may be emailed manually. We suggest setting a reminder in an event calendar.

Is a customer able to change a credit card or bank account before the funds are withdrawn?
No. Currently, only an administrator may change the credit card on file. The customer must request the change by contacting an administrator with new card details.

Is an Admin able to change a credit card before the funds are withdrawn?
Yes. An administrator may change a credit card on file for future payments and reference transactions associated with the originating registration order. See Change a Customer Credit Card on File

What happens when a payment fails to process or is declined?
Currently, the customer is NOT notified of the failed payment. An admin can view all declined transactions by reviewing the Declined Transactions Report in Financial Reports. The report contains customer email and phone contact information.