Add a New Document to Display or Download

In this sample, we are uploading and displaying the latest Board Meeting minutes. This is probably one of the easiest functions for an administrator.
To Upload new Board Meeting Minutes.
Note: Save the original document as a pdf.
  1. Log in as administrator
  2. Open Board Meetings Page
  3. Click Edit Page (top right blue button)
  4. Click Add New Document  in the Document Manager module
  5. Select Document and Upload
    • follow the prompts to select the desired document to upload
    • add a Title and Description for the document, ie; "Month" Minutes xx.17 -
    • the list will auto-sort by Modified Date (newest to oldest)
  6. Click Update to save new document (bottom left of display)
Update the Meeting Minutes displayed in iFrame
  1. Click Edit "Pencil" to open iFrame module to Edit iFrame Options
  2. Change File Name of document displayed and 
  3. Click Save to save new document to be displayed (bottom left of display)
  4. Inline image 6