Emails show up broken or as an attachment

Emails and order confirmation receipts are occasionally displayed as plain HTML by the recipient's email server.
There are several things that could be going on if this happens:
  • Some email programs will display multi-part messages as garbled code or an attachment if an email message doesn't contain both HTML and plain text content. This happens when an email with HTML content is received as plain text. Sometimes this a browser or email server setting.
  • Sometimes this happens when the sending email account is flagged as a spammer. Some mail systems will display HTML as plain text in certain cases (commonly anti-spam efforts).
  • Anti-virus programs will sometimes "break" multi-part email templates up and cause them to display as raw HTML code.To fix this, your recipient will need to change their anti-virus settings to accept or trust multipart email messages. This is not a common issue, but to fix this problem you need to change your anti-virus setting so that to accept or trust multi-part email messages. If you need more guidance, contact your anti-virus software company directly.