View Team Rosters

How to View my Team Roster
  1. Log in as a Coach or Parent
  2. Click your User Name at the top, right of the browser window to open My Account.
  3. Select Team Registrations.
  4. Select the desired Team Registration from the list displayed in My Account
  5. Select More Options
  6. Select View and Modify my Team Roster
  7. The Team Roster is Displayed in a pop-up window
  8. Below is a sample Team Roster for Coach: Mike Matheny, Team: St. Louis Cardinals.
    • This list displays players that selected their team during registration. Players may be confirmed or rejected by the coach. If rejected, the players are returned to the draft list.
    • This list displayed players assigned to the team by an administrator. Players are already confirmed on the roster.
    • This list displays players that are expected to be on the team roster. You may add additional players by clicking Add a Player
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up window for options to:
    • Email all players
    • Print the team Roster
  10. Click Done when finished viewing the Team Roster