Create a New Player Registration

How to Create a New Player Registration
There are two options to create a new player registration:
  1. Create a new registration using Registrations and Merchandise; or
  2. Copy a registration copying an Existing League. Note: Copy an Existing League will copy all player questions, messages, and agreements (waivers, etc.)

To Create a New Player Registration
  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Select Gameplan in Control Panel.
  3. Select E-Commerce> Registrations and Merchandise
  4. Click Player Registrations.

  5. Select New

  6. Select New Item or Registration

  7. Select Player Registration. Click Next

  8. Enter Name of Player Registration and Price. Click Next.

  9. Slect Player Registration Options. click Next

  10. Select requirements for Player Registrationclick Next. Be certain to mark Copy player Questions and Copy messages from /li>
  11. Select Player Registration Options to be included in registration flow. Add desired options. when all option shave been added, click I'm finished adding options. Note: Options may always be added at a later time. See also: Linking Items, Programs, or Registrations
  12. Confirm Registration Options and click Finish

Next Registration Details must be Verified and/or Edited.
  1. Select Gameplan in Control Panel.
  2. Select E-Commerce> Registrations and Merchandise.
  3. Select Player Registrations folder
  4. Select the new player registration which was just copied.

  5. Verify Registration Name and Price. Click to Save any Edits.

  6. Verify Items in the Customer Purchase Sequence. See also: Linking Items, Programs, or Registrations

  7. Review and edit Player Signup Options. Be certain to verify this registration is directed to the correct league. Use the drop-down menu to change the league if desired. Click Update Player Signup Options

  8. Verify and/or edit the Player Questions by clicking Advanced Options. See also Add or Edit Player Questions to Registration
  9. If a new or additional Message or Agreement is needed, see Add a Message or Agreement to a Registration Item
  10. Very and/or edit Short Description. Note. The Long Description may be copied into the Short Desciption.  Click to Save any Edits.

  11. Verify and/or edit Long Description. Click to Save any Edits.

  12. Verify and/or enable Accounting, Metadata (leave blank to allow team selection during registration), and Payment Options. Click to Save any Edits.

  13. Display and Enable the new registration for Customer Purchase
    • Mark Item is Available  Click SaveSave this Element When this option is selected, customers may purchase this item. 
    • Mark Item is Displayed  Click Save. Save this Element Unchecking this option will allow a customer to purchase this item if they have a link to it, but will not display the item for selection.