Add a New Player

How to Add a New Player
  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Select GamePlan in Control Panel.
  3. Select E-Commerce> View Orders and Payments.
  4. Select New at bottom left corner of window

  5. Select New Customer

  6. This will start a wizard that will walk you through the registration process.  Select existing customer or create a new customer account (if creating an account for a customer, we suggest using 1st inital of first name and last nameenter their last name and assign them a password). Click Next.

  7. Select the Item or Registration category and click Next.  Here we have selected Player Registration.

  8. Select the desired registration and click Next.

  9. Review any messages or agreements. Click Continue, Next or Agree

  10. Complete the Parent Information as shown below and click Next.

  11. Select the number of player that are to be registered as shown below and click Next.

  12. Complete the player information as shown below and click Next.

  13. If there are other requirements such as Work Duties, you will be asked to complete this information.
  14. Complete these forms and click Next until you get to the Shopping Cart.
  15. Review the registrations and total purchases and click Begin Checkout.
  16. Select the Payment Method.
    • Pay by Credit Card for immediate payment; or
    • Pay Later (Administrator Only) which will allow you to complete the registration and process a check or other method of payment.

  17. Click Submit order for Processing