Create a Cash or Check Player Registration

How to Accept  a Cash or Check Payment for a Customer Order
Occassionaly a customer will want to pay for thier player registration or other items by cash or check. All registrations are enabled to accept online payments via credit cards. Several options are available to accomodate cash or check payments as well.
  1. Enable the Pay by Mail (cash or check) option for the deisred player registration for ALL players. Shown below.
  2. Create a 2nd (copy) player registration for players ONLY invited to Pay by Mail (cash or check). This option requires a hidden registration available only with a URL link to the registration. Administrators invite the customer to use the hidden registration by sending a link to them them.
  3. Enter the Player Registration as an Administrator. Must use the Pay by Mail option in Payment Window. See Add a New Player
Note: All of these options require the Administrator to manually enter payment for the order.
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Enable Pay by Mail payment option
  1. Log in as an Administrator
  2. Select Gameplan in Control Panel
  3. Select E-Commerce> Registrations and Merchandise
  4. Select Player Registrations folder or other folder containing desired registration

  5. Select and click Desired Registration to open registration details
  6. Scroll down to bottom of Details page

  7. Mark Allow Payment by Mailand click Save Save this Element
  8. Pay by Check is now available as an option at check out

  9. Note: If Registration is linked to any other Items, Allow Payment by Mail must also be enabled for all other linked Items.